The band that started a music revolution.

The Love Junkies are a Chicago based band bringing the talents of five unique musicians together. Each member bringing with him a different musical style, ranging from rock, thrash, funk and house. This mix of musical influences truly gives The Love Junkies a new sound, a sound that has taken Chicago and the U.S. by storm.

The Love Junkies’ unique sound takes their audience to intense heights wherever they play. Their live shows can only be described as pure raw energy with never a dull moment. The Love Junkies have packed such clubs as; The VIC Theater, Cabaret Metro, Whiskey a Go Go, China Club and The Thirsty Whale, and each time they appeared, more and more fans “got addicted”.

  1. Shakin' Love Junkies 2:41
  2. Problems Love Junkies 3:13
  3. Pretty Flower Love Junkies 4:22
  4. Over You Love Junkies 2:59
  5. On my way Love Junkies 3:22
  6. My Life Love Junkies 3:29
  7. I Like To Dance Love Junkies 2:49
  8. Get It. Got It. That's Good Love Junkies 3:46
  9. Can You Move Love Junkies 2:34
  10. Swing of Things Love Junkies 3:27
  11. Party Shake Love Junkies 2:48
  12. Attitude Groove Love Junkies 3:07